Terms of Service


Privacy Policy:

At Christian Sexuality we adhere to the guidelines and practices adopted by the Direct Marketing Association’s “Privacy Promise to American Consumers.” We will (1) notify our customers that they may opt out of information rental, sale or exchange with other marketers;
(2) not to share their information with other marketers if the request is made by our customers not to share; and (3) not mail customers if they do not want us to do so.


Customer Information

When you purchase or order a product from Christian Sexuality, register to receive The Christian Sexuality emails, or participate in Christian Sexuality promotions, we ask for information such as name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email, payment information, birthday, gender and occupation. This is your “contact information.”

We also keep track of your Christian Sexuality product purchases and preferences.

It is your choice whether you would like to provide the above information to Christian Sexuality. Should you choose not to, you may be unable to purchase products or be entitled to special offers.

Please also note that we may need to contact you by phone or email in order to complete an order or process a request, even if you specify that you do not wish to be contacted in this way.

The information that you provide is used internally to track your order, provide subscriptions to email, and to understand your likes & dislikes. We also do analysis that allows us to evaluate statistics and trends that ultimately help us better serve you.

We also sometimes make contracts with companies or ‘service providers’ to manage credit card processing, shipping, data management and promotional services. Logically, we provide our service providers with only the information they need to perform their services.


How your information is secured

Christian Sexuality takes your security seriously and takes reasonable steps to protect your information. No data transmission over the Internet or information storage technology can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. The following is a summary of the measures Christian Sexuality takes to protect your information and descriptions of ways we implement these measures for different types of information you may provide to us.


Security Steps We Have Taken:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Christian Sexuality uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting certain kinds of information, such as financial services information or payment information. An icon resembling a padlock is displayed on the bottom of most browsers window during SSL
transactions that involve credit cards and other forms of payment. Any time Christian Sexuality asks you for a credit card number on Christian Sexuality for payment or for verification purposes, it will be SSL encrypted. The information you provide will be stored securely on our servers. Once you choose to store or enter your credit card number on Christian Sexuality, it will not be displayed back to you in its entirety when you retrieve or edit it in the future. Instead of the entire number, you will only see asterisks and either the first four digits or the last four digits of your number.



The organization acknowledges all videos are unable to be downloaded.


Secure Storage

Christian Sexuality maintains reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to protect personal information about you.


Vendors and Partners

Christian Sexuality works with vendors and partners to protect the security and privacy of user information.


Employee and Contractor Access to Information

Christian Sexuality limits access to personal information about you to those employees who we reasonably believe need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs.


Education and Training for Employees

Christian Sexuality has implemented a company-wide education and training program about security that is required of every Christian Sexuality employee.


Help Us Keep Your Personal Information Accurate

If your personal information changes or you would like to review the personal information we may have on file, please email us with the new information or your review request at [email protected]. Let us also know what led to your submission of personal information so we may efficiently locate your information.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time we may make changes to our privacy policy. Please check this page for updates.


Problems or Complaints with our Privacy Policy

If you have a complaint about Christian Sexuality’s compliance with this privacy policy, you may contact us at [email protected].

At Christian Sexuality, we value your business and your privacy.


Methods of Payment

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept COD or personal check orders at this time.


Order Changes

To make changes to an order that has been submitted on our site, please email [email protected]. If your order has already been purchased and if you would like to order additional items, please place a new order for the additional items on our site.

If you would like to cancel or exchange items, please follow our Exchange/Return Policy.



Christian Sexuality believes in the products created. Due to the digital nature of our courses, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for any of our courses. However, if for some reason you are absolutely displeased your course you can submit an inquiry to [email protected] and we are happy to review your request. 

If you have questions regarding product quality, general information, or suggestions, contact us at [email protected] 

To respond to the above e-mails effectively, we will route your email directly to the proper department. You should expect a response within 3-5 business days if one is required.


Limited License:


Subject to the terms of this term of service, Christian Sexuality grants to the organization a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free license during an 18-month term to display and reproduce the trademarks in accordance with trademark usage guidelines communicated by Christian Sexuality from time to time and to reproduce, display, and perform the content, in each case solely on the organizations premises (the Trademarks may be also displayed on the organizations website, social media, etc. solely to identify the program) only as reasonably needed to promote, display, perform, and conduct the ministry program described in the series. The organization agrees not to use any trademark or content in, on, or associated with any for-sale products or services, including products or services sold to members of the organization. All use of the trademarks inures to the benefit of Christian Sexuality. The organization agrees not to alter the trademarks or the content without prior written approval from Christian Sexaulity. The organization agrees to maintain a high level of integrity, quality, and consistency in the programs in which it uses the trademarks or the content. The organization acknowledges all videos are unable to be downloaded. The organization acknowledges that representatives of Christian Sexuality may, on reasonable notice, inspect said programs to confirm conformance with these standards.


No Sublicense or Assignment

The license granted by this (18-month) term of service does not permit the organization to license or share the trademarks or the content to or with, or to assign this term of service to, any other person or organization without the prior written approval of Christian Sexaulity. Any attempted sublicense or assignment without such approval is null and void and constitutes a material breach of the terms of service.



Christian Sexuality reserves the right to terminate this term of service at any time with no refund in the event of the organizations breach of any term of this term of service. Additionally, Christian Sexuality reserves the right at any time to terminate the license to a specific trademark or component of content as needed.

Finally, although the program is intended to be a one-time, 18-month, All-Access purchase and not a subscription, Christian Sexuality reserves the right to change this policy at any time.


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